Questions and Answers

How do I cause the anvil dependencies to be reinstalled?

Anvil bootstraps itself via shell script (if you look at the code in the file smithy you will see that it is actually a bash script).

This bootstrapping occurs to ensure that anvils pypi/rpm/deb dependencies are installed before anvil can actually be used. To remove the files that are left behind to let the shell script know when this happens delete files located at $HOME/.anvil_bootstrapped and at $PWD/.anvil_bootstrapped to cause bootstrapping to occur again.

Another way to make this happen temporarily is to use the following:

sudo BOOT_FILES=/dev/null ./smithy

This will make anvil think those files are coming from /dev/null which will always return nothing. Using the same variable also allows you to retarget the locations where the smithy shell script will look for the ‘marker’ files if you so choose (say in a continuous integration environment).

How do I run a specific OpenStack milestone?

Anvil has the same tag names as OpenStack releases so to run against a specific milestone of OpenStack just checkout the same tag in anvil and run the same actions as you would have ran previously.

An example of this, lets adjust nova to use the stable/essex branch.

  • Open conf/origins/master.yaml file in your favorite editor
  • Locate lines that describe the nova component
  • Change branch parameter to the desired one
    branch: stable/essex
  • Component origin parameters are:
    • repo: <repo_url> - required
    • branch: <branch> - optional
    • tag: <tag> - optional

    If no branch nor tag parameters were specified then branch: master is used by default.

    Note: tag overrides branch (so you can’t really include both)