Bugs & Hugs & Code


ANVIL is an open-source tool released under the apache version 2.0 license. It depends on its community to keep it alive.

Source code

The source code is on github located at:


Feel free to fork it and contribute to it. You can also get a tarball or zip archive of the code.


Stable tags can also be downloaded:


Note: that for these tags you may have to edit conf/anvil.ini to point to tags other than master


Please use github’s issue tracking system or launchpad’s issue tracking system to report or follow bugs or to discuss features and get support.


Feel free to hack but please try to follow the hacking guidelines


Please either use launchpad’s email system or find us on irc.freenode.net in channel #openstack-anvil or in the main openstack dev channel #openstack-dev. Feel free to bug us!