Questions and Answers

Can I use ANVIL for production?

Up to u! Beware of the sea and the black waters!

How do I get program usage?

$ ./smithy --help

How do I run a specific OpenStack milestone?

OpenStack milestones have tags set in the git repo. Set the appropriate setting in the branch variables in conf/anvil.ini.

Note: Swift is on its own release schedule so pick a tag in the Swift repo that is just before the milestone release.

For example:

# Quantum client git repo
quantum_client_repo = git://
quantum_client_branch = essex-3

# Melange service
melange_repo = git://
melange_branch = essex-3

# Python melange client library
melangeclient_repo = git://
melangeclient_branch = essex-3

OMG the images take forever to download!

Sometimes the images that will be uploaded to glance take a long time to download and extract and upload.

To adjust this edit conf/anvil.ini and change the following:



# uec style cirros 0.3.0 (x86_64) and ubuntu oneiric (x86_64)
image_urls =,

To something like the following:



# uec style cirros 0.3.0 (x86_64)
image_urls =

This will remove the larger ubuntu image and just use the smaller cirros image (which should not take to long to upload).