Adding your own distribution

Your mission...

So you have decided you want to venture into the bowels of ANVIL and want to get support for your latest and greatest distribution. This wiki will hopefully make that adventure simpler by listing out the key places, files and configs that may have to be adjusted to get that to work. This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. 1..2..3..4..5, boom!



One of the most useful things to do will be to get a virtual machine with your distribution and setup a stable state. Create a snapshot of that stable state just in-case you bork your machine later on.


Now turn ensure you run DEBUG/VERBOSE logging using -vv. This will be useful to see exactly what actions and commands are being ran instead of the default INFO level logging which is just meant for simple informational messages about the underlying actions which are occurring.


By looking at the config folder distros you should exactly which packages and pips and commands are needed for each component by looking at a similar distribution. So you first task is to determine exactly what versions are available for your distribution. If a version doesn’t exist the you may need to resort to either using the pypi index or having to package it yourself. If a version is to new, this is usually ok (your mileage may vary) and if its to old then that might also not be ok (your mileage may vary).

Try it

Now that you have provided a new YAML distro file you should be able to run through the simple setup wiki and see if the install will pass. If that does try starting and then seeing if everything has started up correctly.